MJ Amartaivan

Social entrepreneur and Co-Founder and CEO of erxes Inc


I'm a social entrepreneur and the Co-Founder and CEO of erxes Inc, a free and open fair-code licensed all-in-one growth marketing & management software. We offer an all-in-one solution for sales, marketing, and customer service teams, with a focus on the entire customer experience. Replace Hubspot with the mission and community-driven ecosystem.

I'm passionate about social entrepreneurship and possess a strong desire to create new solutions to social problems and then implement them on a large scale to change society for the better. 

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Putting our community at the heart of company grow

Today, we achieved an exciting milestone for the entire erxes community. Our company equity, ERXS, is now accessible on our website as a Continuous Securities Offering (CSO). This achievement has been a steady march towards progress — a testament to our wins and losses over the past 10 years. 

In the decade since we first set our sites on Silicon Valley, we’ve been on a mission to make MarTech accessible for everyone through our open-source software. Over the years, we have learned and grown a lot along the way, mostly thanks...

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Open Source Growth Marketing Platform

Replace Hubspot with the mission and community-driven ecosystem

erxes helps you attract and engage more customers while helping you achieve high lead conversion. With erxes, all your marketing, sales, and customer service tools are merged into one platform for greater output.
  • Growth Hacking: Manage your entire growth operation easily. Erxes makes growing a pleasure by consolidating ideas and making actual performance a reality. Erxes makes sure everything is recorded, prioritized, and centralized in a single platform.
  • Email & SMS Marketing: Reach your customers with personalized messaging. Keeping your customers hooked is a challenge. Start converting your prospects into potential customers...

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