Mend-Orshikh Amartaivan and Naran Batjargal


I give speeches on new media marketing, leadership and management to entrepreneurs, small and mid-size companies including case studies related to the individual company’s operations.

New media or social media consists of blogs and other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Google+, etc. Globally, everyone owns email, Twitter and Facebook accounts now, which is an efficient target for marketers. Yet, marketers must bear in mind that new media is not about conversation on Facebook or Twitter. It is about using this opportunity to build bridges to a new generation of consumers without annoying them. New media marketing is a chance to expand your business!

In the world, companies are increasingly leveraging social tools and strategies to engage their customers. The percentage of customer service interactions taking place on social media has accelerated substantially in the past few months. The most important advantage is that social customers are highly satisfied with how companies are reaching them via social media. Now, more and more customers are looking for service and information online. You should grab at the chance to engage with customers online and fully satisfy them!

Building community on the Internet is a new kind of practice. Companies can build a large community via social media since everyone is using social networking sites these days. The most important thing is, providing useful and reliable contents that could attract people. Learn more about community building with me.

I am an experienced social entrepreneur who founded The New Media Group, professional consulting services in several areas focusing on new media marketing, IT, logistics, and venture capital investment. As I developed the group from a startup company, I have continually supported non-profit and community organizations. I believe this is the right attitude to start a business. Supporting the community with all of your heart, not hindered by a lack of resources, is the latest trend in startup businesses. If you want to share your opinion and receive advice on this issue, please contact me.

The New Media Group is a social enterprise in Mongolia. As a social enterprise we believe that every organization must develop Corporate Social Responsibility and focus on solving pressing social problems to support the surrounding community. Running a business should involve implementing social responsibility, aside from making a profit with its products and services. If your organization or company is planning to coordinate socially directed activities in an organized way and to make tangible contribution to the development of our society, I am here to consult and help you as much as I can.

Please contact me for all speaking inquiries and questions, at info at mendorshikh dot com.